Wedding at Portside Manor Searsport Maine | Renee and Rob

As I made my way down the driveway into Portside Manor in Searsport Maine by the ocean, all I could think about was how perfect this spot was for Renee and Rob’s wedding day!  Beautiful, majestic and peaceful just like the sweet couple about to say “I do” for the rest of their lives.

Renee was a picture of calm and beauty when I found her in the bridal sweet.  The gorgeous lace curtains were blowing gently in the breeze as she told me that she felt calm but anxious to see Rob.  Not nervous, anxious but anxious, anxious to see her soon-to-be husband!

Their friends and family were so uplifting and encouraging and such a great support to the both of them.  The guys were fun and liked to tease each other, especially “Bobby”.  I had never heard anyone call him anything but Rob so I was a little confused.  My favorite part of the girls getting ready was when all the girls clapped and cheered and I do believe there might have been a little chanting going on when Renee was all buttoned into that gorgeous lace dress of hers.  It made me smile!

Their first look was everything I thought it would be…sweet, tender and emotional.  Rob was all smiles and I heard him say ”wow, that dress!” There might have been some cat calling or purring, unsure really but it was super cute!  Renee warned me about this and said she is really not sure what to do with it!

Getting down the aisle was also memorable.  The little flower girl, Amelia,  was a little shy and Rob could see she needed a little encouragement so he started clapping and all the guests joined in and started chanting her name and it really gave her more courage to keep going and she made it!  And true to their family’s large love for one another the bride got the same treatment coming down the aisle, though she wasn’t having any trouble with shyness. NOPE!  She was coming boldly and beautifully down to that altar to marry the man of her dreams.

 I have to say I instantly fell in love with Renee and Rob when I did their engagement session this past winter.  She is a fellow photographer in one of my Facebook groups, that is how we came to know each other. It was after many phone conversations and this  day brought me to the point in the day that I began to cry.  It was the weirdest and most unexpected time.  As they announced them into the tent as husband and wife, to see their huge smiles and everyone cheering for them.  I began to tear up and thought how perfect and wonderful they are for each other.  

Speeches, I loved the Matron of Honor and Best Man’s speeches!  You can really get a sense of who the couple is through the people that know them the best.  With lots of encouragement to widen her scope to 1,000 mile radius on and a promise to make a him homemade brownies if he moved to Maine, Rob was hooked!  Her sister, Sarah, spoke of how she Facetimed her before she was about to Facetime Rob for the first time.  She wanted her sister’s opinion of how she looked and was about to present herself for the first time.  Then Sarah waited to hear how it went, and hour went by, then two, then four.  She was left to wonder what in the world they were talking about for so long!  He found her sense of humor attractive and she found a man who could make her laugh and loved God as much and more than he loved her and that is so important!  

Her bridesmaid, Autumn stayed up most of the night to make her gorgeous 3 layer, Oreo and chocolate/coffee cake tower of goodness…not that I would have any idea how good BOTH tasted!  It was just beautiful and a real labor of love along with every little detail they, and their families put into it to make the day so perfect!  

A big, giant CONGRATULATIONS to the new Mr. & Mrs. Donigian!  May you be blessed as you bless all those you come in contact with.  I know I sure am!  Thank you for trusting me with such an important time in your lives and calling me your friend!

The Creative Team

Venue: Portside Manor

Floral: Maine Street Floral & Design

Cake: Sweet Maple Bakery

Bride’s Dress: Henry’s Bridal 

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: David’s Bridal

Caterer: Jeff’s Catering

Goom and Groomsmen’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

DJ: Time4Tunes Professional DJ Services

Hair & Make-up: Lavish Hair & Boutique

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