The Alamoosook Lakeside Inn provided the perfect backdrop for Sam and Tristan’s beautiful spring wedding.  The forecast for the day was rain and with such beauty all around it would have been a shame to bring it all inside but we were blessed to have only a tiny little sprinkle.

When I first met Sam and Tristan the only thing I knew about them was that Tristan was Dawn’s brother and he was going to propose to Sam at his sister’s wedding about two years ago.  As I photographed Dawn’s bouquet toss or not a toss, she walked her bouquet to Sam and did not toss it while her brother, Tristan, was down on one knee and all I can say is it was a burst of emotion and people hugging and crying.  What a beautiful moment I have not forgotten.

Since that day I have come to know this very sweet and loving couple and their love story.  How their friends helped set them up and rallied for them for years now.  They are such a tight group of friends and I can see how much love they have for one another.

As it was said over and over, the bride and groom admired so much about each other and one thing that really stood out was the love they had for their own family that attracted them like magnets.

Sam’s dad was so overcome with joy and emotion and what a beautiful moment it was.  I thought it was so cute when she said she had a present for him; he misunderstood her and said confused “did you say you are pregnant?”. Again later he mentioned something about her being pregnant.  I think he is a little eager to have more grandbabies!

My favorite part of the ceremony was when deciding who would recite their personally written vows first, they had a little game of Rock, Paper, Scissor and Sam won.  I think she might win at most challenges between them and Trsitan is such a great sport!

From what I have witnessed in the past year, I have no doubt that the newest Mr. & Mrs. Shute will share a life of laughter and fun just being together. Congratulations and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives and your big day!  I am so humbled.

The Creative Team

Floral: Ling’s Moments

Bride’s Dress: Andrea’s Bridal

Venue and Catering: Alamoosook Lakeside Inn

DJ: Dana Lavertu

Groom and Groomsmen Attire: Man on Main

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