What an exciting year ahead it is for High School Seniors and their families!
Capturing Seniors in their element, doing what they love is so important.
Wardrobe changes and multiple locations are a must!
It's so much fun seeing their personalities shine through each photo.
I offer Sport/Activity Composites (2 or 3 images made into 1)
Fun and Fresh with lots of locations to explore


Up to 1 Hour of Professional Photography
20 Of Your Favorite Digital Images
One Location Only
Online Viewing Gallery
Full Reproduction Rights



Up to 1 1/2 Hours of Professional Photography
40 Of Your Favorite Digital Images
Online Viewing Gallery
Full Reproduction Rights



Up to 2 Hours of Professional Photography
75 Of Your Favorite Digital Images
Online Viewing Gallery
Full Reproduction Rights


Add On

Sports/Activity Composite Photo

$50 each

Senior FAQ's

The Shine collection is up to one hour therefore there is only time for one location however you can change as many times as you want just know that the more time you take to change the less time you have for photos.  Sparkle and Dazzle there are no limits on locations.  I would suggest two locations if there is more than a few minutes of travel.

That depends on when the deadline is and when you schedule your session.  As long as I have 3-4 days before the deadline, I can add all the sneak peek photos to the gallery and you can choose one right away.  If the session is scheduled after your deadline then my suggestion would be to ask the yearbook coordinator if you could submit your photo late and give them the date we have scheduled.  Most of the time they agree and it is not a problem.

My suggestion for girls is a dressy outfit and a casual one if they want something casual as well. Maybe a hat, necklace, scarf, dressy or fun shoes. For guys, a button down shirt and khakis or dress pants and shoes.  Maybe a hat or suit jacket along with a casual outfit.  The more dressed up they are the more they will love their photos but in the end they need to be comfortable.  If your Senior plays an instrument, plays sports or has a fun hobby, art or skill, I say celebrate it.  Document it and make it fun.  Just let me know and I can plan a fun way to display it.

A composite is two or more images put together to make one image.  It can be sports or dressy and casual photos put together in an artistic way.  These are super fun and popular with seniors who do sports.

YES!  So many suggestions!  Narrowing it down to if you like the water, woods, city, hillside with grass, bridges, beaches, fun spots like a train station or a farm/barn is very helpful then knowing how far you are coming from.  Every spot is so special and unique for each senior and I am always looking for new spots that are public and private.

If you choose a sneak peek, it will be posted on Social Media within 3 days.  Your final images will be delivered in an online gallery by your email that you can download, order prints and share on social media within one month. You can add family members to the gallery by their email and they can also order prints in the gallery.

* travel fees apply outside Waldo County

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