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Capturing memories of your family together laughing and playing is so important.
Comparing photos year after year is always fun to compare how much everyone changes.
Individual photos of each child and lots of variety.
35 Beautifully Edited, High- Resolution Digital Images
Reproduction Print Release
Online Gallery to Share, Download, and Order Prints
Up to One Hour Session

Family Session

Extended Family Session

Family FAQ's

This is the hardest part of the session, picking outfits!  I wrote a whole blog on it and here is the link. 


Most importantly dress for the season.  If you kids are cold or too hot,  they will not be happy. 

That really depends upon how old or really young your children are.  For example, you wouldn’t want to schedule a family session on July 1st as the sunsets at 8:24pm, ideally we should start at 7pm for the perfect sunset images.  If your child goes to bed at 7 then that wouldn’t be the best choice so we can do one of two things.  Start earlier and it not necessarily be the best time but still doable or schedule it in early May or late August. 

YES!  So many suggestions!  Narrowing it down to if you like the water, woods, city, hillside with grass, bridges, beaches, fun spots like a train station or a farm/barn is very helpful then knowing how far you are coming from.  Every spot is so special and unique for each family and I am always looking for new spots that are public and private.

Candy…joking…but really a special treat works.  Letting them know we are going to have fun and play together.  If you can show them a photo of me on my website or Facebook page then they are familiar with me already. Me On Facebook

This photo is a fun one of myself.  You can bring a favorite toy that you wouldn’t mind in photos or if they will give it up, I can use it to make them smile. While I love traditional photos, it is not realistic that your child will stand still and just smile the whole time.  They need to play and run and laugh and I ask them questions like who their favorite superhero or princess is. 

A full family session takes 45-60 minutes.  With small children, plan on 45 minutes.

You will receive a minimum of 35 digital images to download.  Typically I deliver 50-65 photos to your gallery.

If you choose a sneak peek, it will be posted on Social Media within 3 days.  Your final images will be delivered in an online gallery by your email that you can download, order prints and share on social media within one month. You can add family members to the gallery by their email and they can also order prints in the gallery.


Smash & Splash includes a themed setup and bath.
Just bring your baby's year-old clothing, I'll do the rest.
So many ideas to choose from!
Cake or Food Item Included*
40 Beautifully Edited, High-Resolution Digital Images
Reproduction Print Release
Online Gallery to Share, Download, and Order Prints
Up to One Hour Hour Session

Smash & Splash $450

*additional fee applies for vegan/allergy free/special

Cake Smash FAQ's

The best time to bring your baby in for their one year session is at 11 months.  This allows time for me to edit a few photos and get them right back to you so you can print invitations or order prints for their party.  Also, he or she may not be walking and as mobile but if they are walking typically they love the cake so much that they won’t want to leave it!

I have some rompers and outfits that may match the set up available in my client closet.  The first photos are usually in an outfit or dress that matches and are done before the cake.  A romper or short sleeve and shorts are best for the cake smash so you can see the frosting mess on their arms, legs and feet.  Please ask what is available in your baby’s size and I can send you some photos of the outfits.

You will most definitely get messy too, so a change of clothes for whomever is helping me with your baby.  Some outfits for him or her unless I have them already, a drink to wash down cake is always helpful.  Your baby will get all cleaned up in the bath and I have towels for you to use.

Choosing a theme can be fun and overwhelming at the same time.  It helps to think about what your baby loves to play with, watch or do.  Some parents choose a color scheme that will go well printed on walls in their home; a very neutral yet simple setup.  Scour Pinterest or you can look on my Facebook business page in my Albums for any previous sessions that speak to you.  Click HERE to view.

Nope!  You do not; a one tier cake is included.  You can decide on chocolate, vanilla or a fun flavor like strawberry and we can dye a vanilla cake to match the set up.  You can choose from a simple white cake, naked cake or a fun unicorn, mermaid, stump with a bear or deer etc.  Again, scour my Facebook albums and Pinterest for something you love that goes along with your theme.  Have fun looking!

I do not suggest you bring siblings unless they are much older and can sit quietly.  The goal is to have your baby looking and smiling at the camera (me).  Sometimes an older sibling or an over zealous grandparent (I know because I am one!) can distract the baby and they look at them the whole time.  The less people there are, the less distracted your baby will be.  I have no problem with you recording a video or taking behind the scenes photos to share with family members.

When you come to your session I have you sign a Print Release that has a one year retention policy.   That means you have up to a year to download your images and get them on a hard drive or thumb drive that you own. The images will always be in the gallery and if you lose your link or email I am happy to resend it to you.


3 month, 6 month, and 9 month baby photos.
A simple setup with props and lots of fun!
10 Beautifully Edited, High-Resolution Digital Images
Reproduction Print Release
Online Gallery to Share, Download, and Order Prints
Up to Half Hour Session



Fruit | Milk | Cereal

Strawberries, Lemon/Lime, Apple, and Orange to name a few Fruit baths. Milk with pretty flowers. Cereal such as Fruit Loops and Cheerios! So much fun for little ones to play in!
10 Beautifully Edited, High- Resolution Digital Images
Reproduction Print Release
Online Gallery to Share, Download, and Order Prints
Up to Half Hour Session


* travel fees apply outside Waldo County

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