What to wear for your Family Photo session

Choosing your family’s outfits for a Family Photo session can be I.N.S.A.N.E!  I get it! I created this guide for you to make is much less stressful. This does not have to be a pile of chaos on top of your bed until you are so frustrated that you postpone your session. Not EVER!

Let’s start with what NOT to wear!

Do NOT wear matching outfits it is boring and likely not flattering on everyone.

Do NOT wear all the same color, again boring and not everyone looks good in yellow.

Do NOT wear too formal of clothing that everyone is uncomfortable in.

Do NOT wear too informal such as sneakers if possible.

Now what you SHOULD wear!

Choose a base neutral color such as white, cream or grey.  Then add in two pops of color such as yellow and blue, keeping in mind the time of the year it is.

Layer your clothing, start with a T-shirt or tank top and add a sweater or jacket.  If it is hot then wear a really lightweight shirt unbuttoned.

Combine color patterns such as a check, floral, solid and stripe (small).  Don’t overdo it on patterns, keep it to a 1 to 3 ratio that will keep a timeless look. Guys can wear a check shirt over a plain t-shirt and girls can wear floral prints of the colors you choose under a jacket.  

Texturize!  Different types of cloths like silk, tweed, gauze, leather and flannel are all very different and can add such great variety even in the same color schemes.

Accessorize! Please!  Add hats, hand or leg warmers (fall or winter) scarves, statement necklaces, boots or belts.

Wear flattering clothing. I know this goes without saying, but if you are self- conscious of your neck, wear a scarf.  If your arms bother you wear a longer sleeve shirt. Longer shirts to cover your tooshie.  

How to Begin

Keep the location and season in mind, then start with one person in the family first.  Pick someone that is easy to get an outfit for.  Maybe your daughter will wear a floral print (small) dress then look move on to your son.  Perhaps her dress has burgundy and yellow print flowers so he could wear a burgundy shirt and dark jeans. Do the same for Mom and Dad. Wear comfortable, yet nice shoes such as ankle boots, skateboard shoes (unlike sneakers), or dress shoes.

Adding cute headbands or hair clips for the little girls and a bow tie or belt for boys is a great way to accessorize.  Style your session.  A bouquet of flowers to hold never hurt a girl’s feelings especially this photographer’s! If a child has a favorite blanket or teddy bear that they never go anywhere without, then by all means bring it.   We can do some with or possibly without. I like playing games with the kids so we could have teddy help me take a photo of them or sit on my shoulder.  

Another suggestion to is to make sure that your little ones be are at their best.  One suggestion is to feed them, Yes!  Feed them before your session at least a really good snack or supper. If your session is at supper time then be sure to have good healthy snacks and a drink packed and nearby.

For me the goal is to have fun and make memories!  The easiest way to do this is to let your family be themselves, really!  There is room for traditional photos and just plain old fun ones! I love capturing families doing the things they love to do best.  Asking questions is a great way to bring your child out of their shell and I don’t expect them to really shine until I have been with  you for at least 15 minutes getting to know them. I want them to feel totally comfortable and smile and be a part of the family; there is no pressure.  I just find that they open up more if they are not told to stand still and smile. There will be time for that but not until they are more comfortable.  This is a fun time for your family and a great way to create and capture fun memories!  

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