Summer Engagement Windsor Maine | Kat and Alex

I happily went on a sweet adventure with this newly engaged couple to places I have never been before and loved every minute of it. So. Much. History!  Kat and Alex along with their sweet pup, Mirajane, trudged through the brush and jumped from rock to rock at the very spot where they had their first kiss after rekindling their love affair. 

There actually was a bridge that spanned over the water that was torn down within that time, so everyone just hung out here with their friends down by the water.  We toured her childhood home that is under reconstruction and met her cows. Thank you for protecting me, Alex; I wish I was braver!  We ended the night dancing in the pasture just past sunset!

They dated in High School and then decided to be not date anymore and became best friends over time that lasted for seven years, Really!  I would have never guessed. As fate would have it they have lots of mutual friends and just started hanging out again.  When asked when they actually started dating again they could not pinpoint and exact date or time they just became a couple again in the midst of doing life!  

Alex was determined to propose to Kat at the very spot that he had taken her to on one of their first dates, The Rockland Breakwater and Headlight.  The only problem was he couldn’t seem to remember where that was! He asked her mom and she couldn’t remember so he had to “beat around the bush” and ask her.  Well, Kat is pretty sharp, plus their very close friends were joining them on this trip so she had a feeling this was “it”! So she decided to dress up and wear adorable high-heels, not realizing they were going to walk ALL the way out to the end of the rough, stony walkway.   As you guessed, Alex went down on one knee and asked Kat to spend the rest of her life with him, and she said “YES”!  

They have been involved with the Windsor Fairgrounds since Kat was a little girl, and now live right next door!  Naturally, they are planning a late summer wedding next year on the Fairgrounds and in the Historical Building! History is everything!  These two have so much history together and are just the sweetest together! Congratulations on your beautiful engagement and I cannot wait to capture your amazing wedding next year!

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