Northport Maine Summer Wedding | Heather and Alex

As I entered the bride’s chambers at the lovely Hartstone Inn I was greeted with the biggest smile!   I assured the bride it was NOT going to rain on her wedding day and I was right. Thankfully!  Today was Heather and Alex’s day and what a day it was, full of smiles and kissing!  Heather and Alex are amazing and together they will have a lifetime of adventures together with their sweet boys, Bruin and Daniel.

Heather had her beautiful Mom and sweet friend, Tracy by her side helping and loving on her.  Full of sentiments, the bride wore her grandmother’s beautiful pin in her hair so that she would be with her on her special day.  Also, the pearl bracelet she wore was her grandmother Oma’s and the pearl earrings were Alex’s grandmother, Yaya’s that they lovingly lent her.  So very thoughtful.  Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the hard work her mom put into making that gorgeous bouquet? Her daughter wanted Stargazer lilies and that is what she got! So. Beautiful!

The Bride and Groom have the sweetest disposition and anyone that knows and loves them knows how grateful they are for each other and their families.  Merging big families and adding those handsome boys to Heather’s family has been long anticipated!

Bruin and Daniel looked just as handsome as their dad walking down the aisle. I think the boys were taking their role very seriously and as promised they are still single ladies!

They proclaimed their love under the trees tucked behind the Blue Goose in Northport with their loved ones.  With a promise to put God first in their marriage and acknowledging Christ as the third strand they braided the three cords together to signify their unbreakable bond.  As Heather knelt down to tell each of the boys what she loved most about them, I am not sure there was a dry eye anywhere including myself! I watched as Alex wiped a few away and as Bruin and Daniel just quietly listened and snuggled in close.  Acknowledging them, her love for them and how she was also promising them forever was a very special moment. Molly was so excited to see the boys coming down the aisle but not as excited to see her Mom. I was truly amazed at how much Molly kept a close eye on Heather throughout the night!

True to Heather and Alex’s love for one another, I never really had to ask them to kiss!  The boys caught on to all that kissing and Bruin said that there was SO much kissing at the toasts.  Indeed. Lots. of Kissing! What a beautiful welcome each side of the family gave the other and to the bride and groom. So Sweet!

As for the dancing, well they are a Greek family and you have to hold hands and the bride and groom lead the dance!  It is a tradition; one that Heather and Alex will be learning for future family weddings!  

You are both very near and dear to my heart and I really enjoyed spending time with you and your families.  They all are such special people! Your boys are super adorable and handsome too. I am grateful you chose me to document your BIG day.  Thank you for trusting me and giving me complete control to make your day so memorable! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Alex Gaylor. I wish you so much love and happiness!

The Creative Team

Bride’s Dress and Groom’s Attire: Maine Coast Weddings & Special Events
Caterer: Mongrill BBQ
Venue: Blue Goose Center
Venue: Hartstone Inn
Donuts: Willow Tree Bake Shop

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