Winter Engagement Coastal Searsport Maine | Jennifer and Shawn

A Soul Mate is not found.  A Soul Mate is recognized!  Jen and Shawn have been on a journey that they have fought the fight and are winning every day as they choose each other and their family.  

Jen met Shawn while they were on the road to recovery.  Shawn was pretty convinced that they were meant for one another the more time they spent together at various events they attended.  Their first official date was a BBQ on the beach with a group of friends. During those first days, they shared their hearts and talked for hours on end.  So many times Shawn would just say that their Souls were touching.  

When it came to the time that Shawn just knew that Jen was his forever, he made a few arrangements with a friend where they would be celebrating the 4th of July with last year and totally surprised her.  You see, Jen had her grandmother’s engagement ring handed down to her and Shawn had possession of it and was waiting for this very moment. Later in the evening as the fireworks were displaying their brilliant, amazing colors and the excitement was all around, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him!  Guess what? She said “Yes” while the grand finale of light and excitement and the thrill of love was happening. The way they looked at each other telling the story was so endearing, it made me feel like I was right there with them.  

So their grand beginning will take place this September at their church surrounded by their family and friends. The two of them could not be more in love and adorable together!   Snuggling, laughter and kissing, lots of kissing! So very, very Sweet!!

I am looking forward to documenting the most important day of your lives together and seeing your family celebrate with you.  Thank you for inviting me into your lives and taking me on this journey with you. I promise to be there present in EVERY moment telling more of your story!


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