Summer Backyard Wedding Rural Maine | Alexis and Seth

Alexis and Seth had their backyard summer wedding in rural Maine at the most picturesque home of his Aunt and Uncle.  It was the perfect summer day with just enough sun and clouds to give us such beautiful backdrops all day long for this sweet, sweet couples wedding day.


If you can remember I recently took their engagement photos because they had just seven short weeks to plan their big day because next year would not be in the plans as Alexis’ school schedule had changed.  So many loved ones pitched in to make their day so wonderful…almost too wonderful for words.


As I arrived, the bride was a picture of beauty and grace. So calm and collected; I think the bridesmaids were more nervous than she was.  All the girls were so wonderful and I could see the bond they had with Alexis was so pure and refreshing.  It was a morning of dancing and singing and the utmost love and support of the couple.


My favorite parts are always the parts that make me tear up and it happened way earlier than I had expected so it took me off guard. It started with the “Mrs. P” letter to his beloved.  All the girls cried along with the bride and her mom and mother-in-law-to-be.  I also knew that Seth had wanted to pray with Alexis before the ceremony and we found the most gorgeous door and they hid from each other and held hands and prayed.  As they thanked God for bringing them together and for their future (tearing up even now), Seth had tears rolling down his face as well as his bride-to-be.  The mother and son dance always gets me more than any other dances but each one was tender and sweet. There were tender moments all day long.

Everyone had fun dancing and there were a few surprises as their DJ made Seth give his best pleading face before the garter and bouquet toss then turned the tables on the men and cited women’s rights!  The girls loved that!  So fun to see everyone just smiling and having such a fantastic time celebrating the new Mr. & Mrs. Seth Powers!  Congratulations and thank you so much for inviting me into your lives for one of the most memorable times in all your lives!  It meant so much to see Seth marry his best friend!  



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