Engagement Photography Footbridge Belfast Maine | Alexis and Seth

The Footbridge in Belfast never disappoints! NEVER! Splashing in the ocean on the coast of Maine was the perfect spot for Alexis and Seth’s summer engagement photos.


Whirlwind love story happening here; this beautiful couple got engaged on July 4th this year and it has been an explosion of wedding planning ever since.  They are tying the knot on August 22nd THIS year!  Seven very short weeks and they seem to have it all under control. 


The two met through their mutual friends and started up a friendship that has lasted for three years and quickly turned into love.  The plan was to get married next August but with the events of today’s world their schedules would make that impossible so why not just get married was the thought!  Waiting was not really an option.


Seth set out on his surprise proposal by taking Alexis for a hike up Mt. Kineo in the Greenville area. He told her he had set his camera to take a few photos of them up on the mountain and then got down on one knee and asked her to become his wife! 


It amazed me that he remembered everything he said to her and I quote “I love you; I love your family.  I love all you do for me; will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”  SIGH!  So sweet and let me just say that they are truly such a sweet couple and very much in love!  Can’t wait for the big day! 


Dance with me in a field of green
Be so close I can hear you breathe
Be the end and the in between

‘Cause to know you is to know love
And to know love is to know enough
To walk with you through this life
From now until the day I die
What better way is there to live
Than to live with you

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