Wedding at Asticou Inn Mount Desert Island Maine | Sarah and Adam

Sarah and Adam’s wedding at the lovely Asticou Inn in Northeast Harbor on the largest island in Maine on Mount Dessert. The whole day was so peaceful and just full of joy!  I am not sure if the Bride ever stopped smiling along with the Groom!


This day had been planned for a while but in the Caribbean Island of Antigua!  With the current situation, they cancelled their wedding all together but later decided to just get married and not wait! Sarah really wanted the date 7/11 so she could easily remember. In a very short amount of time they planned an absolutely beautiful day.  Everything was just perfect, from the flowers to the food and even the rain held off all day!


One of the many highlights of the day, and there were many, was during the ceremony.  As Adam was reading his vows so intently to Sarah, I saw her eyes look away and then whispered something to him that made him stop.  As they both looked toward me and beyond, I spun around and caught what the excitement was about.  A deer had made its way down to the ceremony to grace us with its presence.  As it jumped into the woods I heard someone say that it was good luck!  I am not sure about luck but what I do know is that this couple has certainly had much fortune already.  Finding each other through their mutual friends by “chance” and making their wedding day happen despite the obstacles is more than luck; it is a promise of devotion and determination.


Adam is a Personal Trainer and owns his own gym, so I was not too surprised when I saw him counting out push up from his nephew and he returned the gesture.  Of course, Sarah could not be left out so down she went, gorgeous wedding dress, heels and all, for ten REAL push-ups not the girlie ones on her knees!  She did it in style!  The gentlemen showed of their “fun” socks and I was told to get a photo because that will never happen again!

The Asticou Inn was the home for many teacher’s summer employment including Guy Toole and Muffy Cyr.  They were among the most favorite teacher and principal that Sarah and her BFF, Lisa, loved and admired.  As the girls, Sarah being a teacher herself,  sat on the bench that was dedicated to them and telling me the story of their beloved teachers, I thought how ironic it all was that their wedding brought them to the Inn.  What a very sweet moment. 


Being part of this couples wedding day was such a treat for me and I am not just talking about the food although the bacon wrapped scallops were my favorite and the bride ordered double the suggested amount which made me super happy!  I felt myself smiling so much and even caught a tear or two in my eyes. Once when Sarah’s dad saw her for the first time and cried and then when Adam’s mom tucked her head on his chest and teared up as well.  Such sweet moments that you could just feel all the love and happiness that their family certainly has for them!

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