Morgan Hill Wedding | Logan and Tanner

Logan was working at the local Aubuchon when a co-worker told her there was a new, cute guy that she must meet.  Logan boldly asked Tanner to share lunch with her. They continued to share more than lunch after that, late-night phone conversations, their dreams and hopes for the future in which Logan knew that it would include Tanner from that very first lunch they shared.   It was no surprise that in the end he would ask her to marry him. I have had more opportunities to spend with them than at their wedding. I can see how in love they are and how their personalities lend themselves to each other.

Logan and Tanner chose the Morgan Hill Event Center for one reason, well, it is just beautiful!  This event center stole my heart the moment I stepped foot into its beautiful wood walls. A barn like no other on the inside was a welcomed surprise from the typical event center on the outside.  Their day was a perfect summer day, hand picked just for them.

Logan and Tanner’s family mean so much to me; they are some of the kindest people on the planet Earth and I had no doubt that their day would be amazing; just like them.  Everyone in the bridal party and their guests were all kind and caring and wanted the best day for the Bride and Groom.

Some of my favorite moments were watching Tanner dress their little man for the big day in his suit.  Could his bowtie get any cuter? Another touching moment was when Logan’s dad, Brian took the microphone to congratulate them. I could sense that he was getting emotional about his little girl and his words just stopped.  I know for me I had tears I was fighting back and had to give myself a pep talk and remember I am here to capture all this! I can’t even really remember if he ever finished but what I do remember is seeing the love that her Dad had for his sweet baby girl and that was never going to change.  Another favorite was spending time with them in the Bride room. Logan’s two younger sister’s, mother and bridesmaids were all so wonderful. They seemed at ease and very much in the moment.

One really tender moment in the Bride room happened when the flower girl spotted the handsome ring bearer for the first time in his spiffy duds. Charleigh, rather aggressively, grabbed onto Grayson, Logan’s son, and planted on on his lips, then his cheek and then proceeded to try to take of his little suspenders. I think they are in for a wonderful lifetime of friendship as their moms have been for so long. It is perfect that they are only 21 hours apart in age. Oh my, it was so cute!

The night went on with lots of dancing and singing.  As I packed my camera into my bag at the final hour, I saw some fun happening on the dance floor.  Line dancing is my favorite and I am not very good at. Because I know this family so well and you only live once I decided to join in!  I think I went wrong more than I went right, but one thing is certain I can see that Logan made the right decision marrying her Mr. Right in Tanner. He is one of the most tender, loving men I know and I can see how much he loves his son and his Wife!

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Tanner Grant, I wish you an eternity of happiness together!  Thank you for trusting me with so much and truly being the best Bride and Groom I could have asked for.

The Creative Team

Floral Design: Holmes Greenhouse
Venue: Morgan Hill Event Center
Bride’s dress: Henry’s Bridal
Bridesmaid dresses:  Henry’s Bridal
Groom’s attire:  Henry’s Bridal
Groomsmen attire: Henry’s Bridal
Cake Designer: Jacinda Russ
Caterer Morgan Hill Event Center
Hair Dianne Harford
Makeup Ashley Littlefield
DJ Creative Designs & DJ Entertainment
Officiant Kamrie Hodgeman

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