Maine Engagement Photography | Hannah and Chris

When Hannah and I chatted about what she had in mind for her Engagement session she mentioned she would like it to be at a barn.  I forwarded her a few choices of barns in the area that I have the pleasure of photographing at. The last image was of Lone Elm farm, in Morrill.  I think I heard her squeal with excitement through the internet! This was the farm she practically grew up in with the Martin girls. The very one!

When we met on a brisk December afternoon,  fresh snowfall created a blanket of white fun!  What I noticed first was how sweet and genuine their love was for each other.  I mean GENUINE, Love.

Hannah and Chris met at Athenahealth when by “chance” Chris was paired with Hannah for his internship about three years ago.  Unknowingly they both confided in the same mutual friend of their interest in one another. Once Chris was aware he asked Hannah on their first date.  They hiked up the Mountain which overlooked the Camed harbor and shared a bottle of wine together. It was the perfect spot for them to discover how easy it was to talk and learn how much they had in common.  

Unbeknownst to Chris, Hannah had always dreamed of getting engaged in the rain on her anniversary and her dream was about to come true.   The night before their third anniversary they had been on vacation and watched the Fireworks and Fountains display at Longwood Gardens in PA.  It was pouring out and Hannah sensed the question would come on their anniversary the next day, however Chris could not wait another moment. He called her over to his side of the car as they were leaving and was down on one knee.  She thought they had a problem with the tire then she spotted the ring box!

Hannah said “He said he had been planning to ask me tomorrow on our actual anniversary but that he couldn’t wait to spend forever with me and start planning a wedding and a life together. I barely remember saying yes but I do remember being completely surprised, which he always manages to do, even when I think I know what to expect from him.”  

I loved seeing the look they had in their eyes for each other.   I couldn’t help but feel the love and the true beauty of their relationship.  I was certainly real and really beautiful. I cannot wait to see the orchard where  “The trees craggle and squiggle in just the right ways and there’s something romantic and Jane Austin novel-esque about the way their growth has been unaltered by human influence.”  and how her man is making her dream of getting married and this whimsical outdoor wedding by getting the owner’s permission to wed there. I am so excited to see you become Mr. & Mrs. Josselyn.  Summer can’t come soon enough!

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