Belfast Maine Footbridge | Sam and Tristan

A simply perfect night for a stroll along the Belfast Footbridge where this vibrantly in love couple.  They have had many date nights here over the years since meeting in High School.

Sam and Tristan are High School sweethearts from Sophomore year in high school.  Her best friend basically set them up when they went out on their first date, a group date, to the Windsor Fair over six years ago.  The rest is history pretty much except their engagement that I “happen” to be privileged to photograph. 

You see Tristan’s sister, Dawn, got married a little over a year ago in Maine.  Dawn is an opportunist and saw this as her chance to help Tristan propose.  As a good sister does, she called him and asked him if would like to propose at her wedding while the family was all around. So, so sweet.

 Sam and Tristan were living in Virginia and all of their family resides in Maine so Tristan would be here to get her dad’s permission to marry his baby girl.  What a gentleman!  I was informed that they were going to have something special at the wedding and I just figured I would catch the moment as it unfolded but thankfully the bride let me in on their little secret!   When Dawn was about to throw her bouquet she was going to turn around and walk it directly to Sam where Tristan was waiting down on one knee!  It was such a sweet moment with all of their family right there!  For sure I cried a little behind my camera. For.Sure.

This adorable couple just moved back to Maine and are planning their Spring 2021 wedding at Alamoosook Lodge in Orland.  What a gorgeous spot for a gorgeous couple.  Congratulations, and thank you so much for letting me tell your love story!

Young love, strong love, true love
It’s a new love
Their gonna make it through the hard times
Walk those lines
yeah these ties will bind
Young love!  

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