Stonecrest Barn Waldo Maine | LeeAnn and Eric

One thing I have noticed about this adorable coupleis that Eric and LeeAnn, especially LeeAnn,  is that she is a no-stress or at least low-stress person. What is also evident in this couple is the fun kind of love that a lifetime together is built on.  Eric and LeeAnn went to prom 8 years ago almost to the day at Stonecrest in Waldo. The very place where they pledged their love and commitment to each other forever.

With the loving support of their family and very close friends they said I do under the arbor surrounded by an excitement you could just feel.  There was a closeness I saw throughout the day with each person LeeAnn and Eric interacted with that I admired. Admittedly I cried when Eric brought his mother to the dance floor for the Mother and Son dance and she started crying and he said “don’t cry mom!” Yes, that got me!  

I love seeing all the hands that prepared for the day with decorations, food and a willingness to help.  The newly Mr. and Mrs. Eric Roberts have so much to be thankful for, indeed. I got a chance to be with them alone for a few minutes and they expressed how fun and fast it at was going.  And in the midst of all the festivities we got a chance to slow down and take it all in up on the hill where the early summer blades of grass were standing tall reaching for the sun. I witnessed more of their love one for the other as they danced, kissed and held each other close.  Always remember these moments LeeAnn and Eric and always hold the one your heart longs to be with the closest!

It always humbles me when a Bride and Groom ask me to document one of the most precious days of their lives.  Eric and LeeAnn thank you so much for trusting me and bringing me into your family and sharing such sweet intimate moments.  Your wedding day was so fun and I truly feel blessed to have been a part of it. You are both so special to me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

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