Should I consider a “First Look” on my wedding day?

Should I do a “First Look” on my wedding day?


After photographing dozens and dozens of weddings I have seen more reasons than not to have a “First Look” before the ceremony.  I will give you reasons for both for you to decide.


What is a “First Look” you ask?  

The “First Look” is when the Bride and Groom have a few private moments before the ceremony to see each other for the first time.


My Top Reasons for a “First Look”


  1.  It calms the nerves.  Typically you are alone and can, cry, hug, laugh and just simply be together.  You still have that traditional “moment” when you see each other for the first time and can communicate all the love and excitement that you are feeling without the guests staring at the backs of your heads. This is the most time you will spend alone with your betrothed.  That is hard to imagine but the day goes fast and you are surrounded by so many friends and family members that it is really the truth.
  2. When you have had all the time you want, we can begin the Wedding Party photos.  This is a really fun time spent with your bride tribe and groom squad getting photos with them before the ceremony.  Doing so will cut about 20 to 30 minutes of waiting time for your guests after the ceremony and with all the excitement of the upcoming reception, we only have to photograph the family.  This saves precious time.
  3. Your guests will thank you and they tend to stay through all the important moments and don’t feel like it is getting late and need to go home!
  4. What Bride doesn’t want more photos?!  This gives us another opportunity to have more photos.  More intimate photos.  Laughing, crying and just plain excitement!
  5. You see each other at your very best.  Hair and make-up have recently been applied and sprayed down and the groom is still spiffy clean.
  6. Creating some space to breath before the guests, use the bathroom and re-apply make-up and little touches.
  7. Lastly and most important.  You can have a few minutes to hide-away with your best friend and take a deep deep breath and relax while waiting for the guests to arrive.


My only reason not to have a “First Look”.


There is just simply no time.  A first look is more easily scheduled with an 8 hour wedding, however, it can be done with the proper planning.  Some juggling might be required but I can juggle pretty well!


In the end it is your decision and only you can decide how you want your day to look.  I am here to help and answer any questions you have!

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