Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Engagement | Brittany and Colt

“So, you come here often?” Brittany asked Colt as they slow danced at his brother’s wedding. They were both in his brother’s wedding; Brittany is a cousin to the bride. Colt and Brittany noticed each other immediately at the rehearsal the night before and seems sparks were flying then. At the wedding, as they were taking the wedding party photos, Brittany slipped on some rocks and fell backwards and landed right on Colt! He caught her that day and all the days after! 

Their first date was out bowling with Colt’s family at their weekly family game night.  They continued to date and Brittany swore she was not going to kiss him BUT it happened unexpectedly as they were driving and they almost took a mailbox out! Everytime they pass that mailbox now they giggle about how thankful they are that they didn’t end up off the road. So.Cute! 

Colt took Brittany to a little cafe near his house for the “best sticky buns” ever and they went for a walk at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in Bristol, Maine. He was eager to take photos and selfie’s which was a little strange to Britt but she still didn’t catch on. It was a beautiful day on the first of March, believe it or no! . They continued to explore the rocks and headed back up the ridge and Brittany asked him if he was ready to go. What she did not know because her back was to him was that his stature had changed as he dropped down onto one knee. She then realized as she turned around and he was reaching for something in his pocket! He then said “I am ready to spend the rest of my life with you, if you want to?” Tears. Sobs. “Yes!” She was taken completely by surprise. How fitting it was to capture their love for each other back up on the ridge at the breathtaking Pemaquid penninsula.

 Congratulations you two love birds, I am looking forward to capturing your continuing love story at your wedding this spring!

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