What to wear for your Family Photo session

Choosing your family’s outfits for a Family Photo session can be I.N.S.A.N.E! I get it! I created this guide for you to make is much less stressful. This does not have to be a pile of chaos on top of your bed until you are so frustrated that you postpone your session. Not EVER!

Building Your Child’s Self-esteem is a SNAP!

One sure fire way to raise your child’s self-esteem is to show them their self-worth. A great way to give them stronger confidence is through the assurance of belonging and being loved by their family. One Of the best ways to do that is through family photos through the experience of a family photo session. It is crucial that they feel important, cared for, and loved. Children can clearly feel first hand at the session when they are hugged, kissed by the people who love them. This is playful and fun for them and they can see and then remember how they felt and how others felt about them when they hold that photo in their hand or see it up on the wall. It is a clear visual that they have value. They are loved. They really belong!

One Year Birthday Cake Smash | Eve

This super cute baby girl is turning one and we had so much fun!

I loved mom’s idea of using a beautiful mix of flowers and antlers. In fact some of them were Eve’s fathers and grandfathers which made it really special. That moose antler was so big she fit right into it.

She was certainly on the move, so animated, and she loved her cake, if you couldn’t tell. Eve especially loved eating her bubbles. I am not sure if she liked the taste or not as she just kept smiling!