5 Reasons to Celebrate Your One Year Old’s Birthday with a Cake Smash

I say it time and time again that you never know how fast time goes by until you have children. Your babies are a blessing to you and your whole family so why not celebrate them and make some beautiful memories with a cake smash and birthday photos.

1. Your baby’s first year is such a milestone that documenting the end of the biggest year of their life is so important. When they turn a year lots of things happen like first haircuts that make them seem so grown up, walking and talking!

2. Have you ever wondered what to even buy a One year old for their Birthday anyways? Well investing in documenting this milestone will make your heart happy when you hang up all the wonderful photos in your home.  And gifts, well, that is what grandparents are for!

3. Planning a fun-filled session and choosing a theme along with props can be so much fun for Mom and Dad, the sky is the limit!

4. Your little one will have so much fun playing with props, smashing the cake and eating cake or other fun foods. Seeing their eyes light up at first tastes of sweetness is adorable! 

5 How much fun is cleaning up in a tubby filled with bubbles and having loads of fun playing with toys and the bubble machine.

BONUS- You don’t have to do a thing and no messy clean up for you!!!

The best time to schedule a Smash and Splash is when your baby turns 11 months old, maybe before they start walking and get more mobile! I provide everything from the props for Birthday photos, the cake for the Cake Smash (or other food items) and cute tubs and bubbles for the bath. Book your session today!

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